About TOEFL Ibt

TOEFL iBT is a Test of English as a Foreign Language delivered via the Internet, which assess your academic reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It was developed by ETS, the American testing service at Princeton University, New Jersy, US.

TOEFL is an official requirement for the admission to a foreign higher education institution, widely acknowledged by prestigious universities in EU, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It boosts the level of your English proficiency and prepares you to meet the demands of real-world academic environments: think, write and speak coherently; justify, ground and stand for your opinion; maintain discussions; organize logically-developed reports, make conclusions properly, jot down core aspects of the lectures and be a productive and efficient student.

Our Certificate of Authorization

  • More than 30 million test takers globally since 1964

  • Over 4,500 test centers in 185 countries

  • Accepted by 9,000+ colleges, universities

  • More than 50 dates available annually

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Our Effective TOEFL Prep Course comprises

• step-by-step guidelines for exam success
• methodologies to maximize language acquisition
• effective strategies of writing essays
• meaningful and thought-provoking discussions
• intensive and extensive academic reading
• plenty of listening comprehension practice
• multimedia support to encourage the engagement

Our Exclusive School Available Services

• a consultation on the TOEFL exam procedure
• an assistance in on-line registration for test
• a Diagnostic test to enroll into the prep course
• a Demo-test to verify your overall language competence

Our Prep Course Requirements

• your general English proficiency at B2 level for university admission

Our Successful Candidates

Boris Koval
Boris Koval
Score 100
Maxim Yerokhin
Maxim Yerokhin
Score 91
Liza Peralta
Liza Peralta
Score 98
Dasha Rossohatskaya
Dasha Rossohatskaya
Score 80

This table helps test takers to understand the relationship between TOEFl iBT scores and the six CEFR* levels.

Non user A1 0-29
Modest User A2 30-52
Competent User B1 53-64
Good User B2 65-85
Very Good User C1 86-105
Expert User C2 106-120

*CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Many global colleges and universities maintain expectations of how high applicants’ TOEFL scores should be. Statistically, the average TOEFL minimum requirements for universities is 80 for Bachelor’s degree course, 87 for Master’s degree and 90+ for PhD. However, the exact TOEFL score you’ll need for admission ultimately depends on where you’re applying. Use the TOEFL® Destination Search to find institutions and available score requirements.


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